stagnate stag‧nate [stægˈneɪt ǁ ˈstægneɪt] verb [intransitive] ECONOMICS
if an economy or industry stagnates, it does not grow, or it grows only very slowly:

• The construction industry is stagnating and there has been a steep fall in new orders.

• a stagnating economy

— stagnation noun [uncountable] :

• In Japan in the 1990s, a financial collapse led to economic stagnation.

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stagnate UK US /stægˈneɪt/ US  /ˈstægneɪt/ verb [I] ECONOMICS
to stop growing or developing and not show any signs of activity: »

The housing market stagnated as rising interest rates squeezed many buyers out of the market.


While the volume of traffic soared during the past two decades, transportation funding stagnated.

stagnating adjective

Michigan is struggling with high unemployment and a stagnating economy.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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